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YouTube “Prankster” sent to Jail for Bomb Hoax

A member of the group who call themselves Trollstation has been convicted and jailed for scaring members of the public with bomb hoaxes. As well as fake street robberies.

Danh Van Le (31) and an un-named teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons, were filming footage for the popular YouTube channel called Trollstation.

Standing at more than 680,000 subscribers, the channel has been the subject of huge controversy for going “too far” with pranks such as shooting nerf guns at armed police officers protecting sensitive tourist locations in London, giving “fines” to police officers and staging a pitch invasion at a UEFA soccer/football game in 2014.

This time however they pushed the legal limits too far when the members of the group filmed themselves approaching members of the public to show them a clock inside a briefcase designed to look like a bomb. The video has now been removed from YouTube, but you can see the rest of their “pranks”, including the fake robberies which they were convicted for.

The two also staged a fake “raid” at the national portrait gallery, where the pranksters rushed into the gallery with masks with paintings.

The 16 year old was sentenced to 12 months intense referral order.

Van Le was convicted of one count of placing a bomb hoax and received 24 weeks sentence. He was sentenced to a further 12 weeks for the fake raids/robberies at the Tate gallery and National Portrait Gallery in London.

The two were very lucky not to have been shot by armed police on high alert after attacks in Brussels and Paris. The police were commended for their restraint and level-headedness in dealing with what turned out to be a very distressing “prank” for members of the public.

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