Young Iraqi Soldier Outwits ISIS Sniper [WATCH]

A bit of creativity in a war-zone can go a long way to saving your life.

This young Iraqi soldier pinned down by an ISIS sniper used a bit of ingenuity to temporarily outwit his Islamist enemy and get out of danger. Check out the video below to see what happened:

The video purports to be from Kirkuk in Iraq, but these things are always hard to verify as one dusty plain can often resemble another Middle Eastern dusty plane. The soldier is pinned down at the start of the video with some pretty close shots landing around his cover, before he has an idea to create a decoy. Letting the Jihadi sniper think he’s got his target (and presumably have to readjust after recoil from his rifle for a couple of seconds) which gives the soldier enough time to dash for safety towards the camera.

The old “hat on a stick” routine worked wonders this time. Lets hope his luck carries on, maybe he’ll find that sniper too. Call of Duty this definitely is not.

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