Woman Who Threw Puppy From Car Gets Jail Time

On the scale of douchebaggery, low ranking offences like throwing chewing gum on the ground, or cutting in line generate a moderate ripple of disapproval from passers by or those who have to experience the lower end of un civilized human behaviour.

Senseless hurting of animals though. That’s a whole other level of fury inducing behavior that the good citizens of the internet do not like to see go un-punished.

Meet Alsu Ivanchenko. In 2014 she threw a 3 month old puppy out of a car window, cracking the tiny dog’s skull and inducing brain damage.

snowflake staten island

Ivanchenko was arrested, charged and convicted this week for leaving her 1-pound Shih Tzu puppy (Snowflake) by train tracks in Staten Island. She had put Snowflake into a shopping bag before throwing her out of the window.

snowflake dog puppy

The 35 year old who is from New York was unapologetic when convicted, when asked if she had anything to say, Ivanchenko just shook her head.

When Ivanchenko had taken her pet to the vet to get treatment for a broken leg, she declined to have the treatment performed because according to her testimony to police:

“”I couldn’t afford it. So that’s why I put it in the bag, and I put it on the side of the road.”

However, Ivanchenko later proceeded to buy a new puppy to replace Snowflake. Some people should be banned from having pets/children/sharp objects/their liberty.

Luckily rescuers found the injured puppy, along with multiple injuries including eye problems, two skully fractures and brain damage/trauma. On top of the existing broken leg. Initially the vet recommended her to be put down, but instead the dog made a full recovery.


Ivanchenko has been sentenced to a year in Jail as well as pay $21,795 to the ASPCA in restitution. She has also been banned from owning a pet for 15 years and is registered with NYC’s animal abuse registry for five years.

Staten island woman

H/T – Staten Island Live

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