Woman Escapes from attacker. By Biting his tongue.

This is Antoine Miller from South Carolina. AntoineMiller

On October 16th in North Charleston Miller attacked a 33 year old woman and attempted to assault her. Miller knocked on the unidentified woman’s door (her identity hasn’t been revealed to protect her privacy) only for Miller to hide. He tried again, this time the woman opened up her front door to find Miller standing there with a 13″ knife.

As the woman tried to escape – Miller allegedly barged his way into her home and locked the front door.

He tackled her and punched her in the face allegedly.

The woman reported that Miller said

“Shut up and I won’t hurt you”.

The brave victim however fought back. She kicked him in the groin. Miller then reportedly said

“Now you have to die”

According to the police report Miller then forced his tongue into her mouth – the woman followed classic self defence protocol and went for the weakest point. She bit Miller’s tongue as hard as possible “until she heard it snap”.

With only minor injuries the lucky and apparently quite fearsome would-be victim left and drove to get help from the police at a gas station.

A nice touch to the story is that the police caught up with Miller when his own mother rang for an ambulance, reporting that her son’s issue was “not having a tongue”. Police overheard the chatter on the emergency services radio and realised this was the guy and quickly arrested him.

A more disturbing report has emerged that apparently Miller had been harassing other women in the area at their homes, but police did not judge him to be a threat at that time. Hindsight is 20/20 however!

Miller, who apparently has an extremely low IQ, has confessed to the charges and been denied bail.

Is prison easier without a tongue?

Credit News2

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