Wanted Criminal Applies for a Job at a Police Station

Criminals on the run have one goal. Avoid ending up in a police station, not this guy though.

John Wesley Rose was a wanted man on the run. Police were searching for him about a long list of crimes including abuse of a minor.

Here’s the catch about applying for a job at your local police station though, there will most definitely be a very thorough background check. If you’re on the run for child abuse, it wouldn’t be wise to apply for a job as a jail deputy.

Meet John Wesley Rose.


25 Year old John didn’t seem to think twice when he walked into the interview at the Wayne County Sheriff’s department to apply for a job. The wanted man was lured back to the police station when his interviewers pretended that he had a few more pieces of paperwork to fill out.

“I’m not certain what went through his mind, but for some reason he went into a law enforcement agency, and if the allegations are true, you are a criminal attempting to get a job at a law enforcement agency,”
– Paula Bridges, Communications Director for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

Not particularly smart, but lucky for his victims, Rose is now locked up.

Rose’s girlfriend who he lived with supposedly had no idea about his criminal record or past. Paula Bridges said what everyone was thinking: “I’m not certain what went through his mind.”. 

Not much apparently.

 HT – Fox

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