The Chinese Military Recruitment Video is Intense

A recent recruitment video for the PLA (People’s Liberation Army), the Chinese armed forces, is an intense version of what potential Western army recruits might be exposed to in America or Europe for example.

The Chinese throw every bit of military hardware, gunfire, CGI sniper headshots and explosions, set to a Chinese language rap that has the lyrics “Kill, Kill, Kill”.

A little different from the more sombre and serious American or British versions.

But the prize for best recruitment video goes to the Swedish army, with their typically Scandinavian humor mocking the overly cinematic army recruitment drives in other countries, instead opting for a pragmatic selling point of “getting you a job and skills”. Check it out:

The British army goes for the “we’ll give you skills you can use” angle too, check it out:

The US Army video is more serious than the insane Chinese version too:

What do you think?

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