Teen Tackles Criminal and Helps Cops

A heroic 16 year old teen tackled a suspect trying to escape from two female police officers in Brighton, UK.

The teen’s name is Kiya Ingham and is an amateur kick boxer and plans to be a police officer when he finishes his education.

The suspect he was chasing kicked out against the police officers and attempted to escape before Ingham spotted what was going on and chased down Bradley Jay Hughes (31).

Ingham has since been given an award by Sussex police for his bravery when assisting female PCs Lynsey Burkinshaw and Johanna Clarke.


Ingham said:

“I took interest at what was happening inside the police car and sat at the bus stop for about 30 seconds.

‘Then the man flipped. I dropped my bag, which had my tablet and phone in, and ran after him. I didn’t think, it was just instinct.

When I was running I was just hoping I could get him down, because if he did that to police officers he could do worse to me.

You can see him point at me and say ‘I know your face’. “


Bradley Jay Hughes pleaded guilty to assualting the officers and was sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid community work.

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