Stupid Criminals Caught After Posting Photos on Facebook

This is John Mogan, from Columbus Ohio. He’s 28 years old and not a smart man.

Mogan and his girlfriend Ashley Duboe decided to rob a bank by handing the teller a note demanding cash.

The two lovebirds decided to celebrate their illegal windfall by posting pictures of themselves with their haul on Facebook. Four days after the robbery police discovered they had posted photo below of the happy couple embracing with wads of cash.

criminals with money

Mogan was also captured on camera during the robbery, with his distinctive tattoos covered with makeup, but with his face clearly shown. Those classy facial and neck tattoos read “Loyalty’s thin” and “Betrayal’s thick”. Nice.

cctv camera criminal bank robber

Mogan posted the selfie to Facebook, saying:

“That’s called a McStack.”

He then noted that:

“I got six bands bra real s*** n****,” before going on to add “I’m doing rrreeaaaaalll good.”

Police soon figured out who had robbed the bank by simply logging onto Facebook and checking out the pictures. They arrested both Mogan and Duboe and both were locked up on a $250,000 bail. This isn’t the first bank robbery for Mogan either, he had only just got out of prison for a previous bank robbery after a 5 year sentence.

Enjoy prison guys!

mogan duboe bank robbers

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