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Spain Will Intervene to Protect the Nation if Catalonia Declares Independence

The Spanish government will be intervening  to ‘protect the nation’ if Catalonia declares its independence, according to a former security minister.

Carles Puigdemont, the Regional Leader is to address the Catalan government on Tuesday, however some say he will postpone any declaration after hundreds of thousands marched in support of Spanish unity at the weekend.


Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme on Monday morning, an MP and ex-minister from the ruling People’s Party, Francisco Martinez Vazquez said:

 “No one can talk on behalf of the whole of Catalonia”.

Puigdemont tried to declare independence, he warned, Spain will intercede. “Of course the government will do what the law and the constitution provides for the government to do,” he said.

“It is not just the government, it is all the other institutions that make us a country – the constitutional court, the prosecutors – everyone reacting to protect the national state.”

When Vazquez was asked about a ‘civil war’ he said:

“I’m sure that won’t happen. I really hope the regional government, which is acting in a very improper way, will step back from what they are doing.

“We cannot accept that just because someone is saying there is going to be a disturbance, OK we are going to just accept a breach of the law. No government in the world would accept that.”

Rajoy and France

The Spanish leader on the other hand, said in an interview published in Die Welt that Spain would not be divided.

When asked about the risk of Spain being divided he said:

“Absolutely not. Spain will not be divided and national unity will be preserved. We’ll do everything that legislation allows to ensure that.”

France would not recognize the new state if they do declare independence.

Nathalie Loiseau said: “If there were to be a declaration of independence, it would be unilateral, and it would not be recognized.

“Catalonia cannot be defined by the vote organised by the independence movement just over a week ago,” the junior minister said. “This crisis needs to be resolved through dialogue at all levels of Spanish politics.”

“If independence were to be recognized – which is not something that’s being discussed – the most immediate consequence would be that (Catalonia) automatically left the European Union.”

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