Sisters Expose Cheating wife At Baseball Game

A pair of eagle eyed sisters at a baseball game in Atlanta allegedly exposed a wife to her apparently unsuspecting husband when they spotted her texting her lover over her shoulder at an baseball game in Atlanta.

The Hinson sisters were behind the married couple when one (some might say nosily) saw the woman was sending explicit text messages to someone called “Nancy”.

The two sisters decided to take pictures of the woman’s phone and post them to Twitter.


One of the sisters decided to drop the husband a note saying “Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! [It’]s really a man named Mark Allen. There are pictures on my phone.”   Delana, the sister who dropped the note to the husbamd, gave the man her number. After slipping the note to the husband and telling him to get in touch if he wanted picture evidence, the man allegedly sent a text message asking for the evidence. The sisters replied and posted the response on Twitter.


Looks like this guy dodged a bullet with the help of two strangers.

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