Roy Nelson – The ‘Fat’ MMA fighter – beats doubters by KO

Roy “The Belly” Nelson doesn’t care about a six pack or being cut. Unusual for a UFC fighter, where competitors are normally ultra lean athletes with strict eating regimes.

He also starred in Spike TV’s ultimate fighter series – where he fought against Kimbo Slice (famous from his Youtube street brawls).

Roy eats what he likes, drinks beer and still K.O.s his opponents. Followed by his trademark belly-fat-jiggle celebration at the end.

MMA rookies who haven’t seen him are usually stunned when they see his highlight reel footage. Nelson has a pretty good record with 14 wins by knockout out of 32 matches against 12 losses, 2 by knockout.


When asked what he fuels his body with when he is travelling, Nelson said:

“I try to stay away from the fish, but the hotel buffet is always nice.”

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