Real life GTA down under in Australia

Real life GTA sounds fun. But these guys in Australia showed that it’s actually not as fun as it looks, for either them or the real people they decided to try and car jack and shoot at.

The chase happened close to the New South Wales and Queensland border in Australia. The two men were trying to escape police in their Mitsubishi lancer for more than 93 miles – starting near Brisbane. Once they reached the town of Tweed Heads Australian police used spikes to put a stop to their fun.

The two men decided to take it up a notch as shown in the footage released – they shot at the police first – then started letting off rounds at moving vehicles on the highway.

The police returned fire, during the confusion a red car gets tailgated and rammed by another car with some spillage out on to the road.

At one point one of the two reckless perps try to hijack an oncoming vehicle by pointing his gun at the driver. The guy decides not to give him the benefit of the doubt and carries on – hitting the suspect – the guy loses his gun and it’s game over for him at this point as the police close in and arrest him.

They were both arrested and taken into custody and charged with firearm offences, attempted murder, attempted carjacking and also “police pursuit” which is part of “Skye’s law“. A law in New South Wales, Australia, which was enacted as law to charged criminals after toddler Skye Sassine was killed by criminals trying to evade police.

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