Paedophile caught by Protective Dad Using a Fake Facebook Page

A father from Coventry, UK, has caught a Paedophile after setting up a fake Facebook profile to keep watch over his daughter online.

laptop on facebook

Peter McCallum (32) started contacting the protective father via his fake Facebook account which was setup to look like an 11 year old girl.

McCallum thought he was communicating with a school girl called Sophie.

Despite being told the make-believe girl was under age, McCallum sent pictures of himself nude and told her “Don’t worry, I like young girls” before asking what he thought was an underage girl to call him on his phone.

girl on computer

He even asked if she had any younger sisters that he could talk to.

The protective father setup a fake meeting with the groomer, he asked what he thought was an 11 year old girl in a field near his house.

Justice prevailed when McCallum turned up the father was waiting with the police who arrested him.

The case has gone to court and the Paedophile has been sentenced to 32 months in prison and has to register on the sex offenders register for life, so he will be unable to have any access to children ever again.

The judge said:

“You have a deeply unhealthy and strong sexual interest in young teenage girls.

“You made contact with what you thought was a girl of 13, and you set up a meeting with that girl and an 11-year-old for the purpose of engaging in serious sexual activity.

“It’s plain from the pre-sentence report you take little responsibility for what you did, and you have no insight into the consequence of your behaviour.” Source: Coventry Telegraph

Enjoy meeting your new friends in prison Peter!

inmates in prison

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