MMA Fighter Makes Overly Cocky Entrance. Knocked out in 2 seconds. [VIDEO]

Getting knocked out in an MMA fight is one thing. It can happen to the best fighters.

But the best fighters usually know that making a showy and aggressive entrance when your opponent is calm and focused is a surefire way to look like an amateur and a fool when you get knocked out.

Jason Solomon gets a hyped up entrance from the announcer:

“He raps, he flirts with the girls, and he is one heck of a fighter.”

He doesn’t live up to the hype and gets knocked out in 2 seconds flat, watch:

The other fighter (Amitesh Chaubey) who knocks him out does the classic focused and calm response to Jason, ignoring his googly eyed goading before the fight.

jason solumon

Jason’s fight record doesn’t look too bad though. He might rap and flirt with the ladies and generally act stupid, but at least he has won 4 out of his last 5 fights. (stats).

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