Green Beret Who “Body Slammed” Child Rapist – Is Cleared of Wrongdoing

Source: CNN

The US Army has reversed a controversial decision to kick a decorated Green Beret out of the army, after he beat up a local Afghan commander who had raped a young boy.

The Afghan commander had been sexually abusing the boy for an extended period of time.

When confronted by Sgt 1st Class Charles Martland about the abuse of the child, the Afghan police commander laughed. Infuriated by the response, Martland pushed him to the ground and “bodyslammed” him, before throwing him and repeatedly bodyslamming him “for 50 meters”.


The abused child had been tied to a post for a week before being raped and sexually assaulted by the police commander. When the boy’s mother looked for justice she was beaten and attacked.

According to Martland, this is how the confrontation went down when he and his colleague confronted Abdul Rahman, the commander who had abused the boy.

Martland said:

“Captain Quinn picked him up and threw him, I [went on to] body slam him multiple times.”

“I kicked him once in his ribcage after one of the body slams. I put my foot on his neck and yelled at him after one body slam, but did not kick or punch him in the face. I continued to body slam him and throw him for 50 meters until he was outside the camp.”

Martland’s colleague, Quinn, said:

“I physically threw him through our front gate and off our camp.”

Martland continued:

“He was never knocked out, and he ran away from our camp. It did not last longer than 5 minutes. The child rapist’s allegations against us are ridiculous,”



After being pursued by the Army and kicked out of the theater, Martland was on the verge of being kicked out of the Army.

But in a reversal, the Army has overturned the decision and has taken the position that Martland shall be allowed to continue to serve in the Army.

This was after a campaign by his supportive congressman and The American Center for Law and Justice.

A spokesperson for the ACLJ said:

“The decision by the Army to retain this hero is long overdue and represents a significant victory for SFC Martland,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ.  “Justice has been served. The U.S. military has a moral obligation to stop child sexual abuse and exonerate SFC Martland for defending a child from rape. The Army finally took the corrective action needed and this is not only a victory for SFC Martland, but for the American people as well.”

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