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Man Suspected of Planting a Bomb was Arrested

A man suspected of planting a bomb at an airport in North Carolina was arrested after he claimed to be preparing to “fight a war on US soil”, according to the FBI.

Bomb Terror Suspect

The FBI’s criminal complaint states that Mr Estes admitted planting the bomb. The bomb also contained Ammonium Nitrate which is often used by terrorists.

Sterno, a form of jellied alcohol, was used as the fuel source.

Mr Estes used a rigged an alarm clock, set for 6am, to strike matches that would have set it alight, the complaint states.

The 46-year-old suspect told investigators he bought materials from a Walmart supermarket and admitted putting nails in the device.

Airport security discovered the bomb after a sniffer dog approached the device and “signalled the presence of an explosive material”.

He was seen wearing black clothing, a black baseball cap and carrying a bag.

He was later seen leaving the airport without the bag.

After an airport worker reported seeing a man walk out of a woods across the street and into the airport, authorities started searching among the trees and found a rucksack that has been bought using a membership number assigned to Mr Estes.

He told investigators that “he did not actually set the alarm clock” that would have triggered the explosion. It is unclear why.

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