Man gets revenge on neighbor for stealing his newspaper

Neighborly theft is not OK. It’s also stupid, especially when dealing with a guy like Imgur user Sexpressed who got so bored of his newspaper being stolen by his neighbor he decided to set up a pretty disgusting but probably quite satisfying trap for his kleptocratic neighbor.

He explained:

“The first step was to wake up early today and grab the paper right after it was delivered before my neighbor could get their stupid f****** hands on it.”

So Sexpressed decides to take it up a notch and leave this charming note as an instruction and warning:


He didn’t end there though and took it up a notch to something a little bit more disgusting when he decided to add a sprinkling of excrement to ram his message home.

We pixellated it for you to save the grossness. You’re welcome.



Personally I would have used glitter which would have got the message through effectively and annoyingly without having to resort to actual poop. But each to their own.

Sexpressed later posted a victory pic, after his neighbor got his “package” and decided not to steal his paper again.

victory pic


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