Man Arrested For Importing Childlike Sex Doll

A man has been sentence to 12-month after importing a childlike sex doll he bought online.

Simon Glerum, 33, was recently prosecuted for importing “indecent or obscene articles” after attempting to get a doll from Hong Kong to Essex.

He also downloaded several indecent images of children.

He claimed he wanted to buy a “smaller adult doll” but evidence says otherwise according to the police.

Sarah Freeman, from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said: “Following the interception of the childlike sex doll, further serious offending was uncovered which was subsequently admitted by Simon Glerum.

“The close ongoing work between the CPS, the police and other law enforcement agencies is proving crucial to identifying and investigating this type of offending and bringing it before the courts.”

David Turner Case

David Turner admitted importing and having sex with the 3ft 10in doll, which prosecutors described as “anatomically detailed”

Turner also admitted having more than 34.000 images of child abuse. He resigned his job at  St Ethelbert’s Church Primary School in Ramsgate and from St Ethelbert’s and Gertrude Church where he was a warden.

According to the NCA and the CEOP:

“The importation of these child sex dolls is a relatively new phenomenon,” Hazel Stewart added.

“We know their purchase can indicate other offences against children, as was the case against Turner who had a sickening stash of abuse images.

“The NCA and Border Force co-ordinate law enforcement activity, carrying out intelligence checks and offering specialist advice every time these indecent and obscene items are seized at the border.

“Importers of such obscene items should expect to have law enforcement closing in on them.”

The chief executive of Barnardo’s, Javed Khan, said evidence showed a “clear connection” between childlike dolls and a sexual interest in children.

“The importation of child sex dolls into the UK is an extremely disturbing new phenomenon and one that needs to be tackled with robust legislation and enforcement.”

It’s a crime that is very alive right now and just as Jon Brown (charity’s head of development) said:

“And until this loophole is closed, online retailers who have these items available to purchase should immediately remove them from sale.”


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