Islamic Studies Teacher who Attacked 14 Year old Girl Jailed for 19 years

An Islamic studies tutor has been sentenced to prison for a total of 19 years. He was convicted of raping a 14 year old girl who he taught “Koran studies” to over a period of 5 years.

Mohammed Islam (31), began the abuse when the victim was just 9 years old, in 2010. His attacks worsened until the girl became pregnant in July 2015.

After being discovered, Mr Islam (of East London, UK), accused the victim of being the one who seduced him.

The victim bravely offered to delay her abortion to prove that Mr Islam was the father.

The girl’s father read a statement to the court at Mr Islam’s hearing saying:

“What Mohammed has done to my daughter has broken me.

In our religion she is no longer considered a virgin and is therefore unable or unlikely to get married to have a family.

I am devastated. I am so angry.

I only hope and pray for her that this abuse will not have a long term effect on her”.

The judge jailed Mr Islam for 19 years, as well as handing him concurrent jail sentences of 5 years and 2.5 years for sexual assault and sexual activity with a child.


Responding to Mr Islam’s defence that the child instigated the activity with him and “seduced” him, Judge Sarah Peneth said:

“I do not accept that a nine-year old child could possibly have instigated any sexual activity with you. 

I do not accept that she could in any sense encourage you.

You were respected as a religious man teaching young children the Koran and while I fully accept that the community centre had no difficulties with you teaching children, what you did over a long period of time – five years – to this young child demonstrates to me that there is a significant risk of serious harm being caused by you to members of the public, as it is young children in this case, particularly young girls.”

Hat tip: Metro UK

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