ISIS Terrorist Bursts into Tears After being Captured

Members of ISIS (or Daesh, if you believe that it actually annoys them to be called that on the internet) are usually portrayed in their own messaging as fearless, uncompromising fanatics who don’t really care if they die. This uncomfirmed footage of an ISIS fighter captured by Kurdish Peshmerga forces breaks that mould, the Islamist can be seen crying like a spoilt teenager who’s just been told he’s grounded.

The IS fighter’s captors look to be vaguely amused by his cries. It’s safe to say that the Kurds probably do not follow strict Geneva Convention rules when dealing with ISIS captives, so he is probably looking forward to having a pretty miserable few days or weeks ahead of him.

Without getting cast iron confirmation of what actually went down before the video or the circumstances, it’s still great to see this kind of footage go viral and undermine the Islamo-tough-guy message that ISIS try to stick to in the material they spread on the internet.

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