ISIS Running out of Cash – Forced to reduce members salaries

ISIS are having a cash flow crisis. While international diplomatic resources are put on full alert with no expense spared it seems, the most wanted group on the planet are losing men due to cut backs. The relentless bombing of targets and possible hidden assets are undermining their whole operation and it appears that the fighters of ISIS are being laid off or take a 50% pay cut.

To put things into perspective we are talking a halving of their monthly ‘salary’ down to $140 per month according to the terror group’s treasury department in Raqqa, Syria. They have quoted ‘exceptional circumstances’ for the salary reductions.

The entire organization has been caught up in the financial pain. It seems no one is exempt from the new belt tightening and all employees must report their agreement to the higher ups. Or else.

Most of ISIS’s money is generated from extortion and oil revenues. The problem they are having is that ISIS has lost more than 25% of the territory it held since 2014. They’ve now got far fewer people to tax and extort money from.

The Iraqi, US, British and other coalition airforces continue to bomb their territory in the mess that was once Syria and Iraq.

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