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Isis Calls on Women To Launch Terror Attacks

Isis has called on women to ‘fight’ and launch terror attacks after recent events in Syria and Iraq.


The terrorist group told female supporters it was an “obligation” for them to wage physical jihad.

“Today, in the context of the war against the Islamic State, it has become necessary for female Muslims to fulfil their duties on all fronts in supporting the mujahedeen in this battle,” the article said, adding that women should “prepare themselves to defend their religion by sacrificing themselves by Allah”.

It is a first time for Isis, as it has previously prohibited women from fighting and encouraged them to marry fighters and have their children.

Charlie Winter, a senior research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR), said:

“There are lots of different implications – potentially the most important relate to security and counter-terrorism, as well the fighting in Syria and Iraq,” he told The Independent.

He also said that the instructions were “unprecedented”.

“It really is unprecedented and it also says a lot about what Isis thinks about itself at the moment.

“By issuing this article it’s implicitly recognised that its jihad has gone from an offensive jihad to defence and that’s huge.”

In July, an article purporting to be from a female Isis member in its Rumiyah propaganda magazine said: “rise with courage and sacrifice in this war… not because of the small number of men but rather, due to their love for jihad”.

Isis’s previous group, al-Qaeda in Iraq, started using female suicide bombers from 2005 onwards and other groups.




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