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Compilation of Fake News regarding Las Vegas shooting

Thanks to all these websites for compiling their own lists of fake news about the Last Vegas shooting:


Compilation of Fake News regarding Las Vegas shooting: 

  • Fake suspect
  • Coordinated attacks
  • Fake victims
  • Early warnings
  • Attack linked to ISIS
  • Attack linked to Antifa
  • Missing people from previous attacks

Fake suspect (source: Inquisitr)

The four people in this picture have nothing to do with the Las Vegas shooting. Stephen Paddock has been confirmed to be the only shooter, and he opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Coordinated Attack (source: Inquisitr)

Newsweek confirmed there were no coordinated attacks. Some tweets were saying that there were multiple shooters happening at the same time in different hotels.

Fake Victims (source: Inquisitr)

Photos of fake victims have been passed around. Pictures of famous soccer players, global politicians, and even porn stars made it to the (fake) news as being victims of the Las Vegas shooting. For example (account now suspended):

My dad is missing after Las Vegas shooting. Please RT and share. We are distraught #LasVegas#LasVegasShooting #MandalayBay

— jack sins (@immyxrx) October 2, 2017


Early Warnings (source: Inquisitr)

Early reports said Marilou Danley was warning people that everyone was going to die in an attack.

Antifa Claiming Responsibility for the attack

The Puppet String News website published a story including a screenshot about the “Melbourne Antifa”’s Facebook page, which said:

“One of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay.”

However, no evidence has emerged that the Australian group — or any other Antifa group — is associated to the Las Vegas shooting


Report of missing people from previous attacks (Source: Buzzfeed)

BuzzFeed collected a list of fake missing people from the Las Vegas shooting that included missing people who were actually a porn star, a comedian, a German soccer player, and a suspect in a Mexican murder case..

Attack linked to ISIS (source: Vox)

If you searched at around 3 pm Monday, you would find many top articles relating the Las Vegas shooting to ISIS based on the fact that ISIS apparently claimed the attack. It’s easy to see why ISIS would make such a claim – amplified by the social media coverage – that it was behind the attack. It’s however no proof at all that it indeed was behind it.

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