Escaped Inmate Killed by Family he Took Hostage

A suspect who escaped from jail in Mississippi who was being held  on charges of rape and capital murder has been shot and killed by the family he took as hostages.

According to the detective leading the search for the suspect, he escaped by “forc[ing] the guard to disrobe and then put on his clothes’ then ‘held the shank against the guard”.

Dozens of police officers, including K-9 units and helicopters were involved in the search.

The suspect (Rafael MaCloud, 33, pictured) managed to break into the family’s home at 430am, through a door that had been left open. McCloud forced the man into his own home before tying him up along with his wife.


WLBT-TV reports that MaCloud then stabbed the father with a knife, most likely whilst he was tied up.

But the resourceful dad managed to escape the rope McCloud had used to tie him up. The father then managed to get hold of his gun kept in his home and shot McCloud, who was in the bathroom. McCloud’s body was found in the bathtub by police.

Police and emergency services arrived and took the father to hospital, who is expected to make a full recovery. The wife and two children were unharmed.


McCloud had originally been in jail for the murder and rape of Sharon Wilson, 69, after her body was found dumped in June 2015. During the search police had issued warnings that the escaped criminal was “armed and extremely dangerous”. Schools throughout Mississippi were also put on lockdown.

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