Dutch Marines Rescue Hostages from Hijacked Ship

Firearms ready and with helmet cams attached, a team of marines from the Netherlands are seen in this video released by the Dutch Navy rescuing hostages from a German ship (MV Taipan). [VIDEO BELOW]

dutch marines

The video shows the marines board the ship 800km (500miles) off the coast of Somalia, in a hot spot for sea based piracy.

Thankfully thanks to the actions of the EU navies and the combined multination anti-piracy task force based in Bahrain as well as unilateral actions by EU, US, Russian and Chinese navies, the amount of piracy off Somalia has drastically reduced.

This particular mission was part of the EU joint operation Atalanta.

Watch the marines storm the ship below:

The pirates were 10 in number, holding 15 crew members hostage. The crew had managed to lock themselves in a bullet proof room however.

The ship was sending a distress signal to nearby warships, so the Netherlands’ Navy deployed their frigate (Tromp) which launched a Lynx helicopter and the marines.


The pirates were taken into custody and the ship was able to continue on unaided.

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