Dad finds out Teen Son is a Bully. Makes him fight a professional boxer.

What’s the best way to teach a bully the consequences of their actions? Request an apology? A polite letter?

According to his father, who apparently set up the fight with a professional boxer to show his son what it feels like to be “bullied” by a stronger person, the son had been bullying other kids.

The teenager in the white shirt and black gloves is the son and the black tshirt & purple gloves guy is a professional fighter.

The pro boxer holds back, the younger guy still takes a beating. Listen out for the father ringside yelling “Hit back!” – obviously enjoying himself a little too much there.

The older boxer is replaced by someone closer to the bully’s age, but the outcome ends up being the same and he takes another beating.

Is this a good way to teach a kid not to be a bully? He got to experience first hand what its like to be on the receiving end. But some critics will probably say that it might just make the bully more angry at life and normalise violence. We’re not so sure, a bit of a tough lesson probably went down well in this case, depending on how the father handled it.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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