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Copenhagen’s Mayor on Banning Diesel Cars by 2019

Copenhagen’s mayor has announced his new plans to ban diesel cars from entering the Danish city.

The mayor Frank Jensen wants to introduce the ban by 1 January 2019.

No more Diesel, Says the Mayor

“It’s not a human right to pollute the air for others. That’s why diesel cars must be phased out,” the 56-year-old told Danish newspaper Politiken.

The law, however, would only affect owners of new diesel cars registered in 2018.

Jensen said it would “mean something for the many, many Copenhageners that are affected by respiratory illnesses”.

Steffen Loft, lead researcher in air pollution at the Copenhagen Institute for Public Health, called the proposal an “important signal” but said it’s not strong enough.

“It’s weak. The proposal could be more restrictive of diesel vans. Firstly, you could introduce the restriction earlier than 2019, and you could choose a stricter standard. And there are no restrictions on diesel-powered cars, in addition to the new cars that may be purchased after 2019,”

“It’s not on top of my list for how ambitious it could be. It is still not in line with other metropolitan environmental requirements such as Berlin, Stockholm, Paris and so on.”

Around to 80 people die of air pollution in the city of Copenhagen every year.

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