[Watch] Cop Killer Esteban Carpio Allegedly Beaten by Police

Meet Esteban Carpio.


Whilst being questioned by Providence police for the stabbing of an 85 year old woman, Carpio waited until one of the detectives questioning him left the interview room. He then grabbed Sgt James Allen’s gun and shot him, twice.

Sgt. James Allen

Sgt. Allen died. Carpio did his best to escape by jumping out of a third floor window, he didn’t last long and was captured 45 mins later a few blocks away.

At Carpio’s court appearance some onlookers suggested that due to Carpio’s dramatically injured face and general appearance, Sgt. Allen’s colleagues and friends may have administered some extra-judicial justice.

Make up your own mind as to what happened when Sgt. Allen’s police colleagues arrested Carpio:

Esteban Carpio appears at court.
Esteban Carpio appears at court.

An FBI investigation took place to investigate whether any police brutality occurred. The FBI agents concluded that the damage to Carpio’s face was due to his fall from the 3rd floor window.

His trial concluded on June 27 2006, where a jury found him guilty of the murder of Sgt James Allen as well as the stabbing of the 85 year old lady, Madeline Gatta.

Carpio attempted to plead insanity, he also read out a written apology to the court. The court rejected both.

Esteban Carpio reads an apology to the court.
Esteban Carpio reads an apology to the court.

After being found guilty, he was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole.

[Video below]

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