Cheating Wife Busted. Husband spots Men’s Boots in Her Photos

When the husband who received these photos that his wife sent to him whilst she was away from home – he was initially very pleased.

The smirk soon turned to red faced man-fury though when the guy realised that there were a little more to the sexy pics than he first realised.

Looking closer at the photos his wife sent – the unidentified husband noticed something that started a furious search for divorce lawyers on Google.

He spotted men’s boots in the background, underneath the table.

Oh dear.

Snapchat cheating wife


snapchat cheating wife2

snapchat cheating wife 3


snapchat cheating wife shoes


The man’s wife had told him she was in a hotel room and sent him a few almost-x-rated pictures before she said she was “going to bed”. But she wasn’t that smart. Or honest.

The husband was understandably unhappy. But the silver lining is that her mistake let him dodge a bullet – better to know than let “Chelsea” carry on undetected. Right?

The only question we have to ask is, are these photos from 1991, or is that the cheapest, nastiest hotel with the tiniest, oldest TV? You decide.

What do you think?

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