Bank Robbers Wrap Themselves in Aluminum Foil to Evade Security

Two bank robbers who thought that wrapping their entire bodies in aluminum foil would render them invisible or undetectable to the banks security and alarm system are still on the run.

The bizarre plan actually worked and the alarm didn’t go off, which probably says more about the sophistication of the alarm system than the genius of the plan. However, they didn’t account for the fact that their disguises would not really work against humans watching them on CCTV monitoring screens.


Security saw the men crawling around the banks floor like a pair of metallic hedgehogs and immediately alerted the police, who sent and armed unit to respond.

bank robber tweet brazil

The two men inside managed to escape but their lookout was captured and police are confident they will find the rest of the gang soon. The men did not get away with any cash from their failed heist.

aluminium foil bank robbers

The attempted robbery happened at Banco do Brasil in Santa Catarina in Brazil.

The local police spokesperson said

They wanted to make sure the alarms didn’t detect their presence by using the tin foil, but staff at the bank’s CCTV control HQ saw them moving around and alerted police.

“We searched the area and stopped people near the bank and found a suspect who was hiding in bushes and had a police record that we took in for questioning.”


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