Woman Beats Sex Attacker to a Pulp

A violent sexual predator was left battered and in pain after the woman he attempted to rape refused to become a victim and fought back.

Johnathon Holmes (pictured above) is 35 years old. He decided to try and attack the woman (who is kept anonymous) in Sheffield in the UK.

Prosecutors in court recounted how Holmes followed the 21 year old woman for more than a mile before beginning his attack. As he jumped onto her and pushed his tongue into her mouth he said:

“You’re going to enjoy this”.

But the quick thinking woman acted fast and punched him in the stomach then bit his tongue. She then improvised, she testified in court that because she was worried about the man following her, she had her keys ready in her hand. When she was attacked the would-be victim stabbed Holmes in the neck repeatedly with them.

Holmes couldn’t take the punishment and ran, not before injuring himself further by mis-judging and falling over high fencing as he tried to escape.

After the woman called the police, officers tracked Holmes within hours and he was arrested. His defence was that he was drunk and could not remember what happened that evening. Not exactly a fool-proof alibi.

The court were shown his mugshot of his battered and bruised face, corroborating the woman’s story.

Holmes eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four and half years in prison. American readers might be shocked at the short sentence, but English courts give out much shorter sentences than in the US.

The jury were shown CCTV images of Holmes following other lone women that night, before he made his ill-judged attack.

Johnathon-Holmes (1)

Holmes was seen hiding behind walls and following women the night of the attack.




Detectives were able to find and arrest him within a few hours.

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