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[Video] – Couple Making Out Don’t Notice Armed Robbers



A couple at a bar called the Tap Inn in Billings, Montana were getting so friendly that they didn’t notice to armed robbers hold up the bar staff just a few feet away in the otherwise deserted bar.

Just before the 30 second mark in the video the bartender is taken aback when the stick up artist moves towards him with a gun. The couple don’t even look up.

Even once the robbery is done and dusted, the couple look oblivious.

The thieves even took the couples’ cash they had left for the bartender as a tip. The robbers are thought to have been responsible for 3 other similar holdups the same day in Billings (Montana). Check out the video below.

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Gambler Murdered a Father and Daughter After Burning Down House with CCTV Footage of Him Stealing



A serial gambler has been accused of murdering a man and his daughter by burning their home to destroy evidence of a theft he committed.

Daniel Jones is accused of pouring petrol through the letterbox of the Broadhead family house in West Yorkshire on October 19 last year.

Serial Gambler

He murdered Andrew, 42 and his 8-year-old daughter Kiera in an attempt to destroy CCTV evidence.

The footage showed him stealing a safe from his friend’s house – who lived just yards away.

After the 29-year-old started the fire, neighbours rushed to save the family and rescued mum Sara Broadhead, 36, and their elder daughter.

But the “smoke and heat from the fire made it impossible” for them to rescue Andrew and Kiera.

While Jones denies the charges, prosecuting, Jonathan Sharp said: “This is a tragic case in many ways. Andrew and Sara Broadhead lived with their daughters.

“The family had just got back home from holiday and no doubt they were all tired.

“But at 4.17am someone approached their home, poured petrol through its letterbox and then set fire to that letterbox.

“Smoke and fire rapidly spread through the house. The family awoke and two of them managed to escape, Sara and her elder daughter.

“But the two others were not so lucky.

“The fire and smoke killed Andrew Broadhead and the fire and smoke also killed their youngest daughter Kiera.”

Jonathan Sharp added: “Daniel Jones did not set fire to the Broadheads’ house because he had some sort of grudge against them.

“No, he did it because he wanted to destroy evidence of another crime he had earlier committed.

“He had burgled a nearby house, he feared the consequences and he thought the CCTV from the Broadheads’ house would show him doing it.

“He wanted to destroy that CCTV by setting fire to the house, but that meant he would also kill, or at the very least seriously injure, anyone asleep inside that house.”




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Man ‘Shot by Police on The M5’ During a Car Chase



The man shot by the police on the M5 was caugh on camera grabbing a shopkeeper before demanding him to “open his till”.

The man’s name was Spencer Ashworth, and he died after four firearms officers targeted his car.


A CCTV footage from 2016 shows Ashworth browsing in a locksmith’s shop before reaching over the counter and grabbing the shop owner.

The owner, Pete Taylor, said:

“He had bought a keyring the day before. He came in and chucked it on the counter and said ‘I want a refund’.

“I said no so he grabbed hold of me by the jacket and said ‘open your till’. I pulled away and called the police and he just calmly walked away. It was very weird.

“It was weird the way he had come in and was looking around – on both days.
I thought to myself ‘oh yes, we have a shoplifter here’.”

Ashworth, of Portishead, pleaded guilty at Bristol Magistrates court and was ordered to pay £80 fine, £85 costs, and compensation of £50.


He was shot dead on Wednesday after a car chase.

A spokesman for the IPCC said: “We received referrals from West Mercia Police and Gloucestershire Police in relation to how they dealt with information received from a member of the public prior to the incident near Portishead.

“After careful assessment the IPCC will not investigate the actions of either force.
“Their involvement may be considered at a later stage should further information come to light justifying an investigation.

“The IPCC investigation will consider the information provided by these forces to inform the sequence of events that occurred last Wednesday.

“Initial information indicates officers were responding to a report of a man travelling on the M5 with a handgun and that he had threatened another motorist.

“The IPCC has also been informed of an earlier incident where a similar report was received by West Mercia Police.”




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Pregnant Woman Finds Intruder Watching Her in The Living Room



The pregnant Nikita Kilvington spoke of a terrifying moment as she woke up and found an intruder staring at her while she slept in her living room.

She fell asleep on the sofa at about 11pm on Saturday night.

Intruder “Nightmare”

The 20 year-old, woke up around 3:30 am as she felt someone was watching her.

She said:

“I could feel someone looking at me. I wake as soon as anyone enters the room so it doesn’t matter if he was being quiet or not.

“I think he was looking at me to make sure I wasn’t waking up.

“It was like a nightmare. He had blonde hair and looked like my cousin so I said ‘what are you doing in my house?’ and then he started to run and he had my bag in his hands.”

Nikita chased the man out of her house and called the police.

She added:

She said: “Apparently there’s been eight burglaries in the last 48 hours and I think they think it’s the same guy.

“It’s awful really. I don’t even know why I ran after him, it was stupid, but it must have been the adrenaline or something.

“My bag didn’t even have anything in it, I’d emptied it all earlier – I don’t leave stuff in it when I get home.”

“I’m 18 weeks pregnant. I’m really anxious and scared. My partner’s daughter stays over and sometimes will sleep on the sofa, what if it was her and she disturbed him?

“This is my first home and now I’m scared to be alone in it. I’ll have to build my confidence up but I am anxious.”



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