Stop a Douc**bag : Russian guys Campaign against Douc**baggery

A group of activists in Moscow have been uploading their “Stop a Douc**bag” video series for some time and they’ve touched a nerve with a few people. The idea of the videos are to film people not obeying the traffic rules by driving on the pavement, parking in front of hydrants and generally being, well, […]

Bikini Brawl: Women Arrested for Bikini Clad Assault

A video of a group of bikini wearing women attacking one of their friends near a lake in South Carolina has gone viral. The women have been arrested for second degree assault. They are Arlinda Craft, 18, Anns Leigh Hill, 19, and Megan Williams, 20. The victim had concussion and severe cuts to her face […]

Ex Cons Reveal Exactly What Really Happens to Child Abusers in Prison

Popular culture on TV and in movies tells us (often with glee) that child abusers and rapists have a pretty hard time in prison. By hard time, I mean that they have to be protected and segregated from general population by prison staff to avoid pretty serious physical abuse and attacks from other inmates. The story goes […]
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