ISIS Terrorist Bursts into Tears After being Captured

Members of ISIS (or Daesh, if you believe that it actually annoys them to be called that on the internet) are usually portrayed in their own messaging as fearless, uncompromising fanatics who don’t really care if they die. This uncomfirmed footage of an ISIS fighter captured by Kurdish Peshmerga forces breaks that mould, the Islamist can be […]

Young Iraqi Soldier Outwits ISIS Sniper [WATCH]

A bit of creativity in a war-zone can go a long way to saving your life. This young Iraqi soldier pinned down by an ISIS sniper used a bit of ingenuity to temporarily outwit his Islamist enemy and get out of danger. Check out the video below to see what happened: The video purports to be […]

69 Hostages Rescued by Delta Force and Kurdish forces in Iraq

Dramatic footage released by the Kurdish government today shows Kurdish special forces, with help from US commandos. More than 70 hostages were rescued in the operation in Hawija in Norther Iraq. Unfortunately one American soldier was wounded and later died from his injuries. Master Sgt Joshua Wheeler, 39, of Roland, Oklahoma is the first American military […]
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