Man tries to rob a gun store. With a baseball bat.

Most people have heard the saying “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”. Apparently 22 year old Derrick Mosley wasn’t aware of the old adage.

Mosley decided to try to rob his local gun store in Beaverton Oregon. With a bat. Mosley walked into the store at around 4pm, bat in hand, before breaking a display case to start trying to steal the weapons inside.

derrick mosley robbery

The manager of Discount Gun Sales pulled out his personal firearm and told Mosley to stay where he was until the sheriff’s deputies to arrive.

The manager had Mosley drop the bat as well as the 9 inch knife he brought, when the police arrived they found Mosley on the floor at gunpoint. Mosley was charged with robbery and criminal mischief and had bail set at $250,000.

derrick mosley

The Washington county Sheriff’s office released a statement which said:

‘It is not known what Mr. Mosley’s intentions were once he had the handgun in his possession,’

He wouldn’t have got very far. The gun he was trying to steal from the display case was unloaded.
Credit: CNN

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