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Gambler Murdered a Father and Daughter After Burning Down House with CCTV Footage of Him Stealing



A serial gambler has been accused of murdering a man and his daughter by burning their home to destroy evidence of a theft he committed.

Daniel Jones is accused of pouring petrol through the letterbox of the Broadhead family house in West Yorkshire on October 19 last year.

Serial Gambler

He murdered Andrew, 42 and his 8-year-old daughter Kiera in an attempt to destroy CCTV evidence.

The footage showed him stealing a safe from his friend’s house – who lived just yards away.

After the 29-year-old started the fire, neighbours rushed to save the family and rescued mum Sara Broadhead, 36, and their elder daughter.

But the “smoke and heat from the fire made it impossible” for them to rescue Andrew and Kiera.

While Jones denies the charges, prosecuting, Jonathan Sharp said: “This is a tragic case in many ways. Andrew and Sara Broadhead lived with their daughters.

“The family had just got back home from holiday and no doubt they were all tired.

“But at 4.17am someone approached their home, poured petrol through its letterbox and then set fire to that letterbox.

“Smoke and fire rapidly spread through the house. The family awoke and two of them managed to escape, Sara and her elder daughter.

“But the two others were not so lucky.

“The fire and smoke killed Andrew Broadhead and the fire and smoke also killed their youngest daughter Kiera.”

Jonathan Sharp added: “Daniel Jones did not set fire to the Broadheads’ house because he had some sort of grudge against them.

“No, he did it because he wanted to destroy evidence of another crime he had earlier committed.

“He had burgled a nearby house, he feared the consequences and he thought the CCTV from the Broadheads’ house would show him doing it.

“He wanted to destroy that CCTV by setting fire to the house, but that meant he would also kill, or at the very least seriously injure, anyone asleep inside that house.”





Charity Worker Murdered for His iPhone in London



A murder investigation has begun following the events of a charity worker stabbed to death by muggers who allegedly targeted the man for his iPhone 7.


28 year-old Abdul Samad, was stabbed in the heart near his home in Little Venice.

Samad was leaving a friend’s house where he was playing computer games.

He was able to reach the doorstep, however, it was already too late. He collapsed soon after.

He worked for the Dragon Hall Trust, which helps young people improve their computer skills and participate in social, educational and recreational activities.

Two males, aged 17 and 18, were arrested as suspects of murder and are being held in custody.


Speaking to the Evening Standard, Abdul Samad’s brother said:

“He was geeky and loved his computers and that’s why he was helping the young people. I could understand if it was some kind of postcode war but he’s not that type of person, his friends are all geeks.

“He loved helping children. That’s the sort of person he was. This is a young life gone and such a lovely life. He was full of energy and loved the kids he worked with.”

“You’re not going to find a nicer person. It was over a phone, it’s just so senseless.”

He also said that Samad had never been involved in any kind of trouble with the police, and had never done anything wrong.



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Explosion at Swedish Police Station



The Swedish authorities stated that a powerful explosion near a police station, has made some considerable damage to the building.

Swedish Police Bomb

So far no one has been arrested and there are no injured.

The explosion was not being treated as a terrorist attack, and there are no clues as to who was responsible yet.

“It is fair to believe that this is a consequence of the good police work we do,” police spokesman Patric Heimbrand told a news conference.

“We work in heavy criminal environments and some of them could be irritated. But to those I’d say that we cannot be influenced.”

There was a similar explosion which took place in Malmo on November 30, 2014, however that incident hasn’t been resolved.

Mr Lofven told Sweden’s TT news agency the blast was “extremely serious” and it was “an attack on our democracy”.

“Violence against police must never be accepted,” he was quoted as saying, adding that the fight against serious crime must be intensified “with stricter laws, better tools and increased resources to the police”.




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Seven Schoolgirls and Two Women Sexually Harassed in London



Seven schoolgirls have been sexually assaulted in the same place in London in three months.

Schoolgirls and Women Assaulted

Two women, of 27 and 25, and seven children aged 11 to 13, have been assaulted by a man who tried to get to them before running away.

CCTV recently released footage of a man connected to the attacks.

Superintendent Lee Hill of Greenwich Police said: “These incidents were very frightening for the victims. I am appealing to the public to help identify and locate this man as quickly as possible.

“Although none of the victims have suffered physical injury, the effects of becoming a victim of sexual assault can be lasting and traumatic.

“There is a possibility that these incidents are part of a linked series of attacks as a number of victims have provided very similar descriptions of the attacker – a white man aged between 40 to 50 years old, with short white or blonde hair. This is one line of inquiry detectives are exploring.”

Mr Hill also said: “I am concerned that there may be more victims who have not yet come forward and are not receiving the support that they may need. I would urge any victims who have not yet come forward to contact police.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.



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