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Fake news writer who made $10,000/month from ads found dead (for real).



Paul Horner in December 2016 on CNN defending his publications as “satire”


During the presidential election of 2016, Paul Horner published some of the most popular “fake news” stories, i.e. stories that were factually and provably false. For Horner, these stories helped president Trump get elected. Unfortunately for him, the fake news writer had a serious problem with prescription drugs: he would abuse them. At the age of 38, he was found dead on September 18th, according to CBS News.

Horner’s stories were shared across a wide network of websites. For example, there was, a site that would make people assume they were reading news stories from ABC News. The stories he wrote about were quite diverse, ranging from the fake executive order supposedly signed by President Obama to the story of the paid protesters at Trump rallies. These stories have been read and shared by hundreds of thousands of people across the internet.

Horner told the Washington Post in November that

“My sites were picked up by Trump supporters all the time. I think Trump is in the White House because of me,”

He also added about them:

“His followers don’t fact-check anything—they’ll post everything, believe anything.”

Horner made a lot of money from his fake news business from his residence of Phoenix. He would make around $10,000 per month from advertising during the presidential elections.

According to CBS News, Horner’s cause of death is still pending, and the autopsy indicates there were

“no signs of foul play.”

A spokesperson for the medical examiner’s office told CBS News that,

“evidence at the scene suggested this could be an accidental overdose.”

In December, Horner appeared on CNN to defend his way of life to Anderson Cooper. For him, CNN and Fox News helped spreading fake news, at a crucial difference: for him, they have agendas, whereas his own fake news were clearly satirical.

Paul Horner’s brother, J.J. Horner, also defended his brother’s fake news empire by saying that he simply wanted people to think critically before sharing things that might be fake online.

His brother told CBS News:

“I think he just wanted people to just think for themselves and be credible for their actions,” and “Read more, get more involved instead of just blindly sharing things.”

After the election, Horner said that he supported Hillary Clinton and didn’t believe Trump would get elected. For him, the real issue was with people not fact-checking and making stories viral, more than with his fake news stories, per se.

Horner told the Washington Post that:

“I didn’t think it was possible for him to get elected president. I thought I was messing with the campaign, maybe I wasn’t messing them up as much as I wanted—but I never thought he’d actually get elected,” .

“I didn’t even think about it. In hindsight, everyone should’ve seen this coming—everyone assumed Hillary [Clinton] would just get in. But she didn’t, and Trump is president.”

[CBS News]




Explosion at Swedish Police Station



The Swedish authorities stated that a powerful explosion near a police station, has made some considerable damage to the building.

Swedish Police Bomb

So far no one has been arrested and there are no injured.

The explosion was not being treated as a terrorist attack, and there are no clues as to who was responsible yet.

“It is fair to believe that this is a consequence of the good police work we do,” police spokesman Patric Heimbrand told a news conference.

“We work in heavy criminal environments and some of them could be irritated. But to those I’d say that we cannot be influenced.”

There was a similar explosion which took place in Malmo on November 30, 2014, however that incident hasn’t been resolved.

Mr Lofven told Sweden’s TT news agency the blast was “extremely serious” and it was “an attack on our democracy”.

“Violence against police must never be accepted,” he was quoted as saying, adding that the fight against serious crime must be intensified “with stricter laws, better tools and increased resources to the police”.




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Seven Schoolgirls and Two Women Sexually Harassed in London



Seven schoolgirls have been sexually assaulted in the same place in London in three months.

Schoolgirls and Women Assaulted

Two women, of 27 and 25, and seven children aged 11 to 13, have been assaulted by a man who tried to get to them before running away.

CCTV recently released footage of a man connected to the attacks.

Superintendent Lee Hill of Greenwich Police said: “These incidents were very frightening for the victims. I am appealing to the public to help identify and locate this man as quickly as possible.

“Although none of the victims have suffered physical injury, the effects of becoming a victim of sexual assault can be lasting and traumatic.

“There is a possibility that these incidents are part of a linked series of attacks as a number of victims have provided very similar descriptions of the attacker – a white man aged between 40 to 50 years old, with short white or blonde hair. This is one line of inquiry detectives are exploring.”

Mr Hill also said: “I am concerned that there may be more victims who have not yet come forward and are not receiving the support that they may need. I would urge any victims who have not yet come forward to contact police.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.



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Babysitter Crushes Cousin to Death by Sitting on Her



Babysitter has been accused of crushing a 9-yearold to death by sitting on her for 10 minutes as a punishment.

Babysitter Murder

Veronica Green Posey was arrested in Florida after the death of Dericka Lindsay, who is believed to have had a heart attack.

The girl said she could not breathe just before she died.

According to the News Journal, 64-year-old Posey, was charged with homicide and cruelty to a child.

Two others, Grace Joan Smith, 69, and James Edmund Smith, 62 – listed as the girl’s parents – have been charged with neglect for allegedly failing to report the abuse.

In Grace Smith’s arrest report, she said she had called Posey over to her house to help discipline the young girl.

Grace Smith told the investigating deputy that Posey struck Dericka with a ruler and a metal pipe, just before Dericka ran to the chair.

The young girl complained, and said she could not breathe, however Posey continued to sit on the child for another two minutes before standing up and finding the child unresponsive.



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