Dog Kicked by man comes back with buddies and wrecks his car

A driver in Chongqing, China found a stray dog lying in his parking space, so he decided to give the dog a kicking. The man’s neighbor saw the kicking and decided to document the aftermath.


The dog may have taken a kicking but later on, the same neighbor who witnessed it photographed the stray’s return with a pack of his friends.

The pack of dogs then took their revenge by wrecking the guy’s car.


They chewed up the bodywork and tore the windscreen wipers off. The startled neighbor showed the man the evidence the next day to prove that it was the work of a pack of dogs.


China currently has no animal cruelty laws and strays are sometimes picked off the street and made to enter dog fights. There is also a famous “dog eating festival” where people actually cook and eat dogs. There is also a belief among some in China that causing the animal the most amount of pain enhances the taste and quality of meat eaten by humans.

However things are changing and China is seeing the growth of a nascent animal rights movement, with public opinion very slowly shifting.


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