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[Video] – Couple Making Out Don’t Notice Armed Robbers

A couple at a bar called the Tap Inn in Billings, Montana were getting so friendly that they didn’t notice to armed robbers hold up the bar staff just a few feet away in the otherwise deserted bar. Just before the 30 second mark in the video the bartender is taken aback when the stick […]

Man gets revenge on neighbor for stealing his newspaper

Neighborly theft is not OK. It’s also stupid, especially when dealing with a guy like Imgur user Sexpressed who got so bored of his newspaper being stolen by his neighbor he decided to set up a pretty disgusting but probably quite satisfying trap for his kleptocratic neighbor. He explained: “The first step was to wake […]

Man tries to rob a gun store. With a baseball bat.

Most people have heard the saying “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”. Apparently 22 year old Derrick Mosley wasn’t aware of the old adage. Mosley decided to try to rob his local gun store in Beaverton Oregon. With a bat. Mosley walked into the store at around 4pm, bat in hand, before breaking a […]

Stupid Criminals Caught After Posting Photos on Facebook

This is John Mogan, from Columbus Ohio. He’s 28 years old and not a smart man. Mogan and his girlfriend Ashley Duboe decided to rob a bank by handing the teller a note demanding cash. The two lovebirds decided to celebrate their illegal windfall by posting pictures of themselves with their haul on Facebook. Four […]
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