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Teen Tackles Criminal and Helps Cops

A heroic 16 year old teen tackled a suspect trying to escape from two female police officers in Brighton, UK. The teen’s name is Kiya Ingham and is an amateur kick boxer and plans to be a police officer when he finishes his education. The suspect he was chasing kicked out against the police officers and […]

SWAT Team Save Hostage from Bank Robber

The SWAT team were called to a bank in Buena Park to deal with a bank robber who had taken a hostage. Reports emerged that a man in his 40s had arrived at the bank in the mid afternoon and supposedly stolen 250,000$ cash from a safety deposit box. After sliding a note out of the […]

Wanted Criminal Applies for a Job at a Police Station

Criminals on the run have one goal. Avoid ending up in a police station, not this guy though. John Wesley Rose was a wanted man on the run. Police were searching for him about a long list of crimes including abuse of a minor. Here’s the catch about applying for a job at your local […]

[Watch] Cop Killer Esteban Carpio Allegedly Beaten by Police

Meet Esteban Carpio. Whilst being questioned by Providence police for the stabbing of an 85 year old woman, Carpio waited until one of the detectives questioning him left the interview room. He then grabbed Sgt James Allen’s gun and shot him, twice. Sgt. Allen died. Carpio did his best to escape by jumping out of […]

Paedophile caught by Protective Dad Using a Fake Facebook Page

A father from Coventry, UK, has caught a Paedophile after setting up a fake Facebook profile to keep watch over his daughter online. Peter McCallum (32) started contacting the protective father via his fake Facebook account which was setup to look like an 11 year old girl. McCallum thought he was communicating with a school […]
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