Australian Rugby Player gets 12 Years’ Jail For Attempting to Rape 6-Year old boy

An Australian rugby player was caught by ICE agents in the US attempting to pay $260 to forcibly rape a 6 year old boy at what he thought was a paedophile party in Los Angeles.

In fact, US agents had set up an elaborate sting who posed as fellow pedophiles offering Michael Quinn the opportunity to rape a boy at a party.

Michael Quinn was scheduled to play for the Melbourne Chargers rugby team in the US, on a tour. Before arriving Quinn had posted on a forum used by pedophiles. Saying:

““Aussie perv, heading to the US late May/June interested to meet others while I’m there. LA, Nashville, NYC,”

Quinn was contacted by what he thought was a pimp. But in fact he had been liasing with undercover ICE agent Aaron McClellan.

ICE agent McClellan said:

“In advance of his travel, Quinn arranged to meet with a small group of like-minded men in the Los Angeles area and go with them to a hotel where they would have sex with children,”

“Quinn, who expressed preference for boys aged five-10, agreed to pay $US250 an hour to be provided with a child he could sodomise, and suggested sharing a child with one of the other men.”

In court, Quinn was accompanied by his parents who had flown from Australia. But the judge was in no mood for leniency.

“It upsets me so much that I could be capable of harming a child,” said Quinn.

However judge John Walter said:

“The defendant had every intention of raping a boy,” and called his actions “absolutely disgusting”, “ghastly”“despicable”. 

Quinn was sentenced to 12 years’ in jail and will presumably be deported to Australia on release.

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Australian Rugby Player gets 12 Years’ Jail For Attempting to Rape 6-Year old boy

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